Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding your Muse

A frequent aspiration I hear from my clients is to be able to overcome their angst and anguish over incorporating COLOR into their makeup regimen. It’s really easy to find ourselves wedged into a makeup ‘rut’; securely falling back into the safety net of ‘neutral’ shades. Putting colors together that are flattering, inspiring, and will lend the most ‘ooohhs & awwws’ from your friends is as simple as going for a walk and taking a look at your surroundings. The world was given 6 colors to work within and the multitude of the most stunning color combinations occur all around us and translate remarkably to the face. Whether it’s a cornflower blue and icy peach winter sunrise, the opulence of a rich teal and shimmering gold regal peacock, or the blending between colors on a velvety petal from a divinely held paintbrush; let yourself be inspired by the palette of creation and take a risk.

Here are some of my favorite pics I've run across that are directly inspired from some beautiful creations in nature along with some inspirational pictures!

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